CAMPOAMOR architects is a design-oriented firm based in the San Francisco Bay area. Established in 1989, it is the result of a long-standing collaboration between Roberto and Halcyon Campoamor. Our background in art, architecture and construction enables us to bring an unusual breadth of experience to each project, from concept through construction. Specializing in custom residential projects in the Bay Area, our work ranges as far as an artist’s studio in New Mexico and the design of town plazas in the Bolivian altiplano. 

We believe that architecture arises where there is a fruitful collaboration between client, architect and builder. We are committed to understanding and articulating our client’s dreams, contributing our own insights in a participatory design process, following through into details with very thorough construction documents, and engaging the construction process as a way of realizing a shared vision. We understand design not as a given solution but as a process of unfolding, of discovery and evolution. 

Our aim is to create spaces that are clear and sensuous, bringing out the unique opportunities of each location and context. We delight in the richness of materials and the power of restraint as a design strategy. We love the play of natural and artificial light in spaces that are clearly articulated and rewardingly complex.